About us

       Biolaboratory was founded at 20 of March 2011. It hosts practicals in biochemistry and microbiology amid up-to-date facilities and equipment. Research is focused on environmental and food microbiology implementing molecular genetics methods as well. NBU Biolab cooperates with more than 20 universities and research institutes worldwide. The laboratory executes assigned by business errands. Biolab is the main organizer of FOOD international conferences.

Head of Biolab

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina Satchanska


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Petrov


Biolab is equipped with up-to-date devices supplied by Olympus, Eppendorf, Kern, Memmert, Jenway, Hanna.


Bulgaria, 1618 Sofia, New Bulgarian University, Montevideo str. 21, Building 1 (C1)/04

Tel.: +359 2 8110 606



News and Scietific events

FOOD-3 International Conference:

7th FEMS Congress Valencia, Spain:

42nd FEBS Congress, Jerusalem, Israel:


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